Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Potty Training Little Jeepers

Potty Training Little Jeepers

On our last trip to Golden Mountain Off Road Park, I enjoyed seeing a buggy with a car seat strapped in the back. Kids love off roading and they love all the bouncing around at any age. But carrying a diaper bag and finding a place to change a dirty one can be pretty tough on the trail.

So you need to get that little Jeeper potty trained ASAP!

My JeepGirl friends have the solution. Janice developed this method while she was teaching at day care teaching two year olds. She studied all the various methods out there and came up with one that worked for her and her kids. Jennifer has taken the original idea and developed it into a web site where you can learn the tricks and use them on your own little Jeeper.

Using the method will take a bout a week of prep work and a weekend of adventure time with your little Jeeper. This is not anything that we as Jeepers and off road adventurers are not accustomed to.

Check out her site at http://pottytrainingsite.com. She will answer all your questions and even help coach you through the process if you need a little assistance. You can also see her Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pottytrainingsite. She is a fellow Jeeper and mother of three so she understands your Potty Training Problems and Frustrations better than anyone.

Check it out and get that little Jeeper out of diapers and into some big kid underwear this coming weekend. Save the diapers for drying out a distributor.