Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Running the Trans America Trail

Back road Jeep Adventure

jeep adventure

With no race to run this past weekend, some of us decided to try a different kind of adventure. We got a copy of the Tennessee section of the Trans America trail from Sam Correro and headed out in search of adventure.

This trail is designed with dual sport motorcycles in mind so we were not sure what our band of adventurers would face. We tried to be as prepared as possible. Our group consisted of what could be described as a mastermind group of ralliest. I run out of fingers and toes trying to count the many years of Rally experience gather here. Many TSD trophies can be found in the homes of those gathered there as well as rally race organizing, driving and co driving experience.

The vehicles consisted of a Subaru, A Toyota 4x4 pickup and my Jeep Cherokee. All 4wd. We had our complement of maps prepared by Wilson - our organizer, GPS plots and suggested routing, and the set of Tulip instructions form Sam. We used a combination of them all during the run.

A compete write up of the trip is posted at JeepGirl Travels.

All dressed up and no place to play

Cherokee Trails Rally Cancelled

jeep stroker engine

Now that the new stoker motor is installed and tested, I need to find a new place to play. Due to high forest services fees and low entries, the organizers of the Cherokee Trails Rally were forced to back up and punt this year. As frustrated as those of us who have spent lots of time and money getting our race cars ready, I know the organizers are even more frustrated. I know they have spent a great deal of their own time and money preparing for an event that did not happen. I sure hope they can regroup and get next years event running.

I will be RallyCrossing some this year and I have a few public appearances planned. Hopefully you will see the RallyJeep in action very soon.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Driving the Stroker

jeep engines stroker motor
New Jeep engine - Stroker Motor first drive

I now have about ten miles on my new Jeep engine. I drove it around my gravel driveway / test track last night. I was on street tires but it was amazing how I could spin all four tires any time I wanted to with just a tip into the throttle. I am still trying to keep the revs down until the engine is broken in. I will have to grade the driveway this weekend to clean up the ruts I left.

Today, I drove it down the road. Plenty of low end torque. So far no pinging even with very old gasoline in the tank. The 24 lb injectors seem to be just right.

I also took it for a quick run on one of the trails on my farm to see how it crawled. It idled along very smoothly in second gear with the T case in low range. Just the slightest tip in of throttle was required to get up the hills. In fact, being on street tires, I had to be careful not to spin them.

Overall I am impressed. Cure your Jeep Cherokee motor problems by calling Chuck at Titan engines today.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

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Jeep Distributor Indexing

Indexing the 4.0 distributor
Jeep Cherokee Motor Problems

After having heard and read many horror stories about Jeep 4.0's that don't run after pulling the distributor, I was very careful about installing the distributor in my new Titan Stroker Motor.

The procedure in the factory shop manual is surprising simple:

Use a 3/4 inch wrench to rotate the engine to the zero degree mark on the Damper. This is easier if the electric fan is not in the way. Also, you must ensure that you are on the compression stoke of the engine. One way to ensure this is to watch the motion of the valves and make sure that your are using the mark just after the intake valve closes.

Another note: If you damper is old, this is a good time to make sure it is not twisted by checking that the engine really is at TDC when the damper lines up with the mark.

With the cap on the distributor, scribe a line just to the left on the number one terminal. Transfer this line down onto the metal distributor housing. On the the Renix version, it will be near where the wires come out.

Use a screwdriver to set the slot in the oil pump drive to 11 O'Clock.

Now take the distributor cap off. Eyeball the mounting tang over the mounting bolt hole in the block. Pick up the gasket you just dropped and put it back on.

Set the rotor to point to about 4 O'Clock. This will be a bit to the right of your mark.

Lower the distributor in to the hole and allow it to engage the camshaft drive gears. The rotor will turn as the gears engage. When it hits bottom, the rotor should be pointing at the mark you made earlier. If not, try again.

Put the mounting clamp on and tighten the bolt.

From the stories I have heard, the computer will not work if the distributor indexing is off even one gear tooth. By using this procedure, yours will be right. Check off another item from your list of Jeep Cherokee motor problems.

Jeep Stroker Motor Start Up

4.7L Stroker Motor

I started my Titan Stroker Motor today. All my careful planning and checking of connectors paid off in it firing up first try.

Well actually it was the second try. I had to steal the battery off the tractor as the Jeep battery seems to have gone bad while sitting. My Granddaddy Straw would have said it was from letting it sit on the concrete floor.

The Stoker motor has as very different sound from the original engine. With several 4.0's around we have become pretty accustomed to the sound a Jeep engine makes. This one sounds much throatier. It has a deeper tone. Almost like a Chevy 350 rumble but with six cylinder smoothness.

I like it.

Can't wait to get it on the road and test it out.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Stroker Motor is Here!

Jeep Stroker Motor

Jeep Stroker Motor

My new engine arrived this afternoon. I was fun getting the 48 foot van backed up to the shop door.

I started swapping parts from the core engine this afternoon. Many of them have to be cleaned thoroughly before I can reuse them. The old engine is the dirtiest one I have ever seen on the inside. See the previous posts about the motor swap.

You can get your own Stroker Motor by calling Chuck at Titan Engines. Click here to get the number. Tell him you saw it in the RallyJeep.