Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back Up lights fixed

Jenny's Jeep had no backup lights. Often this is caused by the Neutral safety Switch failing. But we had recently replaced the switch on her Jeep due to it not wanting to start at times.

It turned out that the bulbs were actually bad in both her back up lights. We pulled the tail light housings and installed new bulbs. Now she can she behind her when she backs up at night. And more importantly, folks in her apartment complex can see when she is ready to back out of her parking space.

For instructions on removing the taillight housing, see:


Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Cowan Railroad Museum

Cowan Tennessee is a cute little town between Sewanee and Winchester. It is interesting because it is the place where extra locomotives are attached to trains before they make the long climb up the mountain. There is a tunnel through part of the mountain but, I don;t think you can get there anymore. It is just out of town and I have been there before in a Jeep. However the last time I tried to get there the road was blocked and marked private CSX property.

There are some old train cars and engine son display right in the middle of town beside the rail road tracks. There is also a museum that is open May to October.

For some pictures of our last visit there see:


Monday, April 04, 2011

Iron Gap Road Scouting Trip

We took Janice's stock Jeep Cherokee to scout out Iron Gap road. Jennifer navigated while I sat in the back. Janice got to sample driving on a few challenging rocks while I spotted and Jennifer coached form the passenger seat. we finally stopped at a few bigger ledges that I thought she might have trouble getting back up.

We will take out big tired Jeeps back in a few weeks to see the rest of the trail.

To read more and see the pictures go to: Iron Gap Road Scouting Trip