Friday, January 27, 2006

Bring back the Jeep Cherokee Petition

Bring back the Jeep Cherokee Petition

To: DaimlerChrysler Corporation
We, the undersigned, ask the DaimlerChrysler Corporation to bring back the highly popular Jeep Cherokee. To us, the Cherokee is irreplaceable, and we earnestly hope that DaimlerChrysler will seriously consider producing this great vehicle once again.
The Undersigned

If you love the old Cherokee and wish there was something new with a station wagon body, solid axles, a torquey engine, and true off road ability, sign this petition.

Off Roading Jeep Cherokee

1991 Jeep Cherokee Lerado Pictures

Some friends showed me this climb just off the new highway south of Ellijay, Ga. It is pretty steep with a very deep V noth in the middle. Near the top, there was a rock I could not get on top of, so I had to cross the V and go around it. It was a pretty interesting climb in my street truck with no lift. I did disconnect the sway bars and air down for the climb.

eBay marketing course trial

How Brandon Dupsky made $8 Million

Do you buy your Jeep parts off eBay? Have you ever wondered about all the people selling stuff on eBay?

If making a LOT of money on eBay (for example, $100,000+ in your first year) appeals to you, I'd like to give you a Trial Copy of "The Insider Secrets of an eBay Millionaire" system...

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Speed TV Petition

I got this email from Mike Haley today:

"Pardon me for intruding, but I need your help increasing the impact of a simple, online petition. SpeedTV has replaced real motorsports, like the World Rally Championship, road racing and motorcycle racing with so-called 'reality shows' like Unique Whips (pimping out Cadillac trucks), Texas Hardtails (lightly rehearsed show about BS at a bike shop) and several others I have yet to watch since there's nothing SPEED about any of them, so I signed an online petition and would ask you to spend a couple of minutes to sign it. Please visit - - to help 'the cause.' Thanks!"

If you want to see rally racing on SpeedTV, sign this petition now!

Monday, January 23, 2006

New Guard Dog

As those of you who get the JeepGirl Travels newsletter already know, we lost Jack our greeter / guard dog last week.

We now have a new ferocious guard puppy. I call him Smash after the Ogre in Piers Anthony's book Ogre Ogre.

Welcome Smash to the family!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Road Rally, Rally Racing, Rally Cross?

What is a Rally?

My love of rallying began at school at Tennessee Tech. About once a month, the Golden Eagle Sports Car Club would have a navigational road rally. In these events you were to follow a set of route instructions and arrive at secret checkpoint locations along the route. You either had to arrive at the correct time or get the answers to questions along the way - sometimes both.

Being engineering majors and sports car nuts, my roommate and I took well to this game. We instantly began looking at ways to improve our skills. We wrote crude calculator programs to figure our time and worked to improve the accuracy of our odometers. Since most of the events were at night, we built lots of lighting gadgets to see both inside the car and out.

Later our efforts evolved into the CompuRally computer software that both measures and calculates TSD rally information. We ran the SCCA national circuit and got a couple of first place trophies before moving on to other interests. I still like to run a regional rally with the Georgia Sports car club or TLSCC in middle Tennessee. My local region never showed much interest in TSD rally although we did have some fun events.

They did however support Rally Racing and Rally Cross. Rallycross is where you race in a field on a miniature road course marked by pylons or barrels. This sport has been lots of fun in the Jeep. It reminds me of the days when my grandfather would send me out to the field to get a part off a dozer and I would slalom the pickup through the junk tractors.

Then there is Rally racing. This is where you run a gravel road through the forest as fast as you can. The sport is normally dominated by Subaru's and Mitsubishi's but I have had a lot of low budget fun racing a Jeep Cherokee. I call it RallyJeep based on SCCA's tendency to make new words by running two together. See more about my Rally racing at

Stay tuned for this years rally activities.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Dakar is done

Euromilh�es Dakar

"93 bikers, 67 car crews and 33 trucks eventually made it to the finish line of the 28th Euromilhoes-Lisboa-Dakar. Luc Alphand in the car race and Marc Coma on two wheels were both crowned for the first time. Vladimir Chagin, behind the steering wheel of his Kamaz conquered his fifth title. "

American Mark Miller finished 5th.

Read More:

Friday, January 13, 2006

Advanced Potty Training

Lots of Jokes - Urinal Challenge

Here is a test for advanced Potty Training for men.

So you just thought you were finished potty training when you were three.

Toddlers click here.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Why we like Jeep Girls

Jeep Bouncy And Fun at Kontraband

I think this video (TV ad?) explains the real reason guys like Jeep Girls. And if you a still wondering how to get a cute Jeep babe to go out in the woods with you, John Alanis has a new program to explain step by step how to attract a Jeep Chick. Well not just Jeep Girls, but women in general. Click here. Actually not just women. He explains how to have the confidence to face any situation and be more respected in any pier group. Who knows, maybe the others in your Jeep Club may even start to like you.

Jeep Cherokee 4.0 Firing order

firing order for jeep cherokee inline six

I can never remember the firing order for my 4.0's so I am lising it here so I can find it.


For your 1991 JEEP CHEROKEE 4WD:
FIRING ORDER 1-5-3-6-2-4

#1 is in Front 1 2 3 4 5 6


Jeep Death Wobble

Jeep Cherokee Repair Problem

One common problem on the Jeep Trailing Arm front suspension is a wild shimmy that we call Death Wobble. If you have ever experienced it, you know why it is called death wobble. It feels like the whole front axle is going to shake out from under the Jeep. You are sure your are going to die when it happens. Often it is triggered by hitting a bump or just driving a certain speed if you have a tire out of balance.

Some time ago, Dora Fang put together a list for the XJ list.

Here's Dora's Death wobble list:

Front tires out of balance
Front alignment out of spec
Loose track bar
Worn track bar bushings
Worn track bar end
Need adjustable track bar
Bad bushings/joints in control arms
Worn/damaged steering stabilizer
Worn/damaged shocks
Worn/damaged tie rod end
Bad U Joint
Bad ball joint
Loose frame mount
Steering box looseness
Need drop pitman arm
Drive shaft(s) not balanced
Bad front hub assembly
Wrong size wheel studs in hub

Not specifically mentioned on her list is changing the caster. (she does mention alignment specs) However, Stock specs don't always work to remove Death Wobble. Larger tires often require less caster than stock. I have cured it in the past by adding caster as well. We cured it on Scott's Wagoneer by installing Poly control arm bushings. Click here for the story.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Jeep Woodgrain

1988 Jeep Wagoneer

Scott wanted something a little different from all the white Cherokees in the driveway. He restored this 1988 Jeep woodgrain Wagoneer. He says it looks like it is still in the box it was shipped in.

Looks like the RallyJeep engine has found a good home.

Jeep Girls

What makes a Jeep Girl special?

What is it about Girls in Jeeps that makes them so special? Is it their sense of adventure? Is it the fact they don't mind getting their hair messed up? Or that they look great with no makeup other than a bit of mud on their cheeks?

The best Jeep girls are not flaky. You can depend on them. They are not afraid to tell you what is on their mind.

Whether you call them Jeep Babes, or Jeep Chicks or Jeep Girls, going off road is more fun with a fun female.

Add your comments on why you like Jeep Girls.

Growler Jeep

There has been some talk in the papers lately about the Jeep Growler or Growler Jeep. The company's web site has been under reconstruction lately so I am not sure exactly what they make. From the articles, looks like they take used Jeep parts and make new vehicles from them. Seems they used to sell a kit for about $7,000 now they are selling vehicles to the marines for $300,000.

Here is an article with pictures:

I am all for recycling used Jeep parts into new vehicles. See Scuffy. Wonder if I could sell Scuffy for $300,000. Well probably if I added guns, rocket launchers, and fancy GPS targeting stuff I could.

If you know any real info about the Growler Jeep, please comment.

Miller still doing well at DAKAR

Miller is still hangiong on to 8th place today. Still not making up any time on the leader.

17:39 - car
Miller sets second best time in the stage
American Mark Miller, at the wheel of his Race Touareg II, finished the 508 km stage in the same second as Stéphane Peterhansel at 6’52’’ behind today’s winner, Thierry Magnaldi.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

American set second fastest stage time at DAKAR

17:39 - car
Miller sets second best time in the stage
American Mark Miller, at the wheel of his Race Touareg II, finished the 508 km stage in the same second as Stéphane Peterhansel at 6’52’’ behind today’s winner, Thierry Magnaldi.

Gordon is listed out after stage 8

Whitney on the Harley is listed out after stage 3.

Miller is only 2 hours behind the leader so there is hope for America yet. And we know Volkswagens can drive themselves across the desert.

Friday, January 06, 2006

A Harley at Dakar?

A Harley on BFG Mud Terrains?

With a side car?

OK, I think I have seen everything now. I tracked down some info on the Harley that is running dakar and found out it has a sidecar. Who would be crazy enough to ride in a side car in a rally through the desert?

Then looking through their pictures I noticed they are running BFG Mud Terrains!

Dakar Rally

No Jeeps, but an H3 entered.

There is also a Harley listed on the entry list but I can't find any info about it.

I have been trying to follow robby Gordons run at Dakar in the H3. Looks like he has had transmission trouble and had to drop way behind.

According to this report by USA Today.

I still want to run this rally in a Jeep someday!