Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Great Minds - Small Minds

Remembering Lilly Fitzgerald

My High School English teacher, Ms. Fitzgerald, passed away recently. She had a big influence on my life.

She had a saying that she kept prominently posted in her classroom:

Small minds talk about people,
Average minds talk about things,
Great Minds talk about ideas

She used this quote to inspire many students in her classes.

However, as I have been studying marketing, I think the reverse may be true as well.

It seems many people have ideas but very few make the effort to convert their ideas into tangible things. And even fewer people take the next step and make that thing available to help improve the lives of the people around them.

For example, many people talk about wanting a more powerful engine for their Jeep. But few ever take the effort to build one and even fewer people do what Titan Engines has done and make that engine affordable to a large group of people.

So if you have an idea, I challenge you to make it a reality. And if you want to learn how to share that idea with the whole Internet and be rewarded in the process, read and study Cory Rudl's method of Internet marketing. I promise it will open your mind to a whole new outlook on ideas, things, and people.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Blow by on an Aging 4.0L

4.0 oil blow by problem
Engine repair problem

A common problem with aging 4.0L's is excessive oil blow by. On some engines oil blow by is a sign of a trashed engine, but in many cases a Jeep 4.0L has a lot of life left even after oil starts to appear in the air filter.

My 1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo has over 250000 miles on it and is still going strong. I have eliminated the factory air box on this Jeep so I had to design a different collection system for the blow by. I routed a tube form the top of the valve cover to an old brake fluid bottle to catch the drips. There is a small hole drilled in the bottle to vent excess vapors. The oil in the bottom of the bottle acts as a filter for any air that is drawn in. I also enlarged the orifice in the vacuum line from the valve cover to the intake.

On our 1988 4.0 we added an old oil bottle for a catch can and enlarged the tubing for the vacuum line. Also we replaced the orifice in the valve cover grommet with a quarter inch plastic tube.

Or you can cure the whole problem completely by replacing your aging engine with a new stroker motor from Titan engines like I did on my Rally Jeep.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Free Thinking is not Just a Jeep Thing

I am sure Wallace D. Waddles would have driven a Jeep if they had had them in 1911. Today's guest post is by Tony Mase who has made it his business to share the teaching of Mr. Waddles with the modern world. I think Jeep people everywhere can relate to this story from under the sea.


Are You a Free Thinker or an Intellectual Prostitute?
- by Tony Mase
© Tony Mase - All Rights Reserved
As a father whose world revolves around his eight-year-oldson, most of what little television I've watched over thelast eight years has been kids' shows, primarily cartoons.
Although I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, one of mycurrent favorites is "SpongeBob SquarePants".

I don't know why, it just is. :-)

One of my favorite episodes of "SpongeBob SquarePants" is titled "Selling Out".
In this episode, SpongeBob's employer, Mr. Krabs, sells "TheKrusty Krab" restaurant for a trailer filled with suitcasesfull of money to a corporate conglomerate that intends onturning "The Krusty Krab" into a big chain.
Although it's what he always wanted, Mr. Krabs, now rich beyond his wildest dreams, quickly discovers retirement isn't all he thought it would be.
As a matter of fact...
He finds himself bored out of his mind with absolutely nothing to do.
Mr. Krabs takes a job as a busboy and dishwasher at "TheKrusty Krab", now renamed "Krabby O' Mondays", only to findout it's no longer the restaurant it once was...
Everything is now very carefully "scripted", tightly controlled by a manager following corporate manuals full ofstrictly enforced policies, procedures, rules andregulations...
Squidward is constantly smiling...
Mr. Krabs' beloved "Krabby Patties" are no longer made by hand using the finest ingredients, but by a machine using recycled garbage passed off by slick marketing to unsuspecting customers as real food...
Even worse...
The customers' money is no longer collected by real sea creatures, but by an automated cash register.
When Mr. Krabs questions Carl, the new manager of "Krabby O'Mondays", Carl tells Mr. Krabs "it's better if you don't know" and closes the office door in his face.
Unable to take anymore...
With SpongeBob and Squidward standing by, scared to death to say anything for fear of being "punished"...
Mr. Krabs, who hasn't read the employee handbook, nor cares to, violates company policy and...
Speaks out...
So loud...
Everyone, including the customers, can hear what he knew to be "wrong".
With an "uprising" clearly underway...
Carl grabs his cell phone, calls corporate headquarters and says something to the effect of:
Code red...
We have a free thinker!
When I first saw this episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants", it immediately reminded me of a passage I'd read in a book justa few days earlier and had been pondering...
In "How to Get What You Want", a book he wrote prior to "TheScience of Getting Rich", the book for which he's best known, Wallace D. Wattles writes:
"If you are an employee and desire promotion, put life into everything you do; put in more than enough life and interest to fill each piece of work."
"But do not be servile; never be a flunkey; and above allthings avoid the intellectual prostitution which is the vice of our times in many trades and most professions."
"I mean by this the being a mere hired apologist for and defender of immorality, graft, dishonesty, or vice in anyform."
"The intellectual prostitute may rise in the service, but heis a lost soul."
"Respect yourself; be absolutely just to all; put LIFE intoevery act and thought..."
Although Wallace D. Wattles wrote these words nearly one hundred years ago, they could have just as easily been written today.
Think about it...
The "intellectual prostitution which is the vice of ourtimes in many trades and most professions" has since risento the level of an art form and even become a profession in and of itself.
All levels of business and government are virtually overflowing with paid apologizers, defenders and ignorers of immorality, graft, dishonesty, or vice...
People who've "sold out" their beliefs, morals and values for a paycheck, and often not a very big one at that,totally oblivious to the true cost...
"A lost soul," as Wallace D. Wattles put it.
Jesus, the Master Teacher, once asked:
"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"
With that in mind...
My question for you to ponder today is...
Are you a "free thinker" like Mr. Krabs or an "intellectual prostitute" like Carl?
The choice is yours...
Make it a good one...
It may well mean the difference between having respect foryourself and being "a lost soul". :-)
Tony Mase is a serious student of the works of Wallace D.Wattles and the publisher of the "A Powerful Life: The LostWritings of Wallace D. Wattles" ebook by Wallace D.Wattles...
"A Powerful Life: The Lost Writings of Wallace D. Wattles""How to Get What You Want" by Wallace D. Wattles togetherwith twenty-four other rare books and articles written byWallace D. Wattles.
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Monday, April 03, 2006

Rallycross racing with the Stroker engine

RallyCross racing the stroker

I spent April fools day racing a RallyCross event in my rally Jeep powered by my new Titan Engines stroker motor.

Rain the night before left the field slightly muddy for the morning runs. Normally the wet morning runs are when my Jeep has an advantage over the cars.

However, I was not accustomed to the tremendous torque of the new motor. Even with 3.05 gears in place, I was able to spin all four tires at any time. In fact, I quite entertained the crowd by spraying four rooster tails anytime I opened the throttle too far. Handling suffered severely when four tires were spinning, but it sure was fun.

I decided just to have some fun and eventually learned how to hold the drifts all the way through the long sweeping turns. I eventually got the hang of the extra torque and really enjoyed the new power.
I finished third in class Modified 4wd. But I had a huge grin on my face.

To enjoy wheel spinning, mud slinging torque in your Jeep Cherokee, get your own Stroker motor from Titan engines. Tell Chuck you want one like in the RallyJeep.

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