Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Working with the boys

This weekend I took my younger son will to see his brother Scott. Actually Will took me along only because he needed a navigator.

We spent some time first replacing the master cylinder in Scott's XJ Wagoneer. He thought it was pretty scary to drive when the pedal went to the floor with no braking effort.

Swapping the master cylinder was an easy task once we got the right unit from O Reilly's. Getting parts for an XJ Wagoneer is always a challenge. When we went back to swap out the unit that was apparently for an SJ Wagoneer we simply asked for one to fit a Cherokee. That one matched up. Since he did not have a vice at his rented house, we went ahead an mounted it on the brake booster and did the bench bleed procedure there. After attaching the lines and quickly bleeding all four corners he has a nice firm brake pedal again.

Next we moved to Will's XJ. His dome lamp fuse was blowing ever since he changed his headliner. Assuming that there was a bad wire somewhere, we had removed the headliner an checked everything last weekend. We found nothing so we put it all back together.

The memory for the radio and clock are also fed from the dome light circuit so we made a plan to bypass the short and just power up the radio from another source. When we checked for a short at the radio every thing tested fine. We were able to power up the radio and clock with a jumper and ensure it all worked. So we looked further to find the short from this side. Everything we tried tested fine. So we went back to the fuse box and tested again. No more short. So we tentatively put it all back to getter and put in a fuse to see what would happen. Happily the fuse stayed an the radio, clock and dome light all work properly now. The clock did show 15:14 when it started up but it reset correctly when Scott pushed the buttons to set the time.

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