Sunday, December 18, 2005

Busy Weekend

1988 Jeep Cherokees trading engines

Wow what a busy few days. It started with a simple sounding project - swap the motor form the RallyJeep to Scott's Wagoneer. Both are 88 models so that every thing should match up. Pulled both XJ's into the shop and started taking stuff apart. The original plan was to pull the manifolds off and set them aside leaving all the wiring in place, but after the lower header bolts refused to budge, we found we could disconnect the main harness at the firewall and leav all the wiring attached to each engine. We figured this out only after disconnecting all 12 injector plugs.

Anyway, as it tands now, both engines are out, the Wagoneer motor is apart and looks really nasty inside. The race motor is getting a flex plate installed and the harmonic damper repalced. Found the mystery squeak!!!

Pictures to follow.



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