Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How I attracted my Jeep Girl

Jeep girl jeep babe jeep chick
Last night I saw a commercial on TV that, after I stopped laughing, reminded me of the days just before JeepGirl and I started dating.
I remember that not long after we had gotten to know one another she got a visit at school from her nice boyfriend. I made sure she saw me flirting with some of the girls from the other school that were visiting with the group. I made sure she saw them laughing and having fun with me. I also pretended not to notice her at all.

I ended up going to the basketball game that night with another group of girls and made sure we sat across the gym from JeepGirl and her boyfriend. She admitted (years later) that she had been watching me all during the game and wished she was the one laughing and joking with me.

Have fun, be yourself and get the girl. That is how the alpha male works. Too bad I did not understand any of that back then. Luckily, some of it happened naturally.

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