Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Great Minds - Small Minds

Remembering Lilly Fitzgerald

My High School English teacher, Ms. Fitzgerald, passed away recently. She had a big influence on my life.

She had a saying that she kept prominently posted in her classroom:

Small minds talk about people,
Average minds talk about things,
Great Minds talk about ideas

She used this quote to inspire many students in her classes.

However, as I have been studying marketing, I think the reverse may be true as well.

It seems many people have ideas but very few make the effort to convert their ideas into tangible things. And even fewer people take the next step and make that thing available to help improve the lives of the people around them.

For example, many people talk about wanting a more powerful engine for their Jeep. But few ever take the effort to build one and even fewer people do what Titan Engines has done and make that engine affordable to a large group of people.

So if you have an idea, I challenge you to make it a reality. And if you want to learn how to share that idea with the whole Internet and be rewarded in the process, read and study Cory Rudl's method of Internet marketing. I promise it will open your mind to a whole new outlook on ideas, things, and people.

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