Monday, April 03, 2006

Rallycross racing with the Stroker engine

RallyCross racing the stroker

I spent April fools day racing a RallyCross event in my rally Jeep powered by my new Titan Engines stroker motor.

Rain the night before left the field slightly muddy for the morning runs. Normally the wet morning runs are when my Jeep has an advantage over the cars.

However, I was not accustomed to the tremendous torque of the new motor. Even with 3.05 gears in place, I was able to spin all four tires at any time. In fact, I quite entertained the crowd by spraying four rooster tails anytime I opened the throttle too far. Handling suffered severely when four tires were spinning, but it sure was fun.

I decided just to have some fun and eventually learned how to hold the drifts all the way through the long sweeping turns. I eventually got the hang of the extra torque and really enjoyed the new power.
I finished third in class Modified 4wd. But I had a huge grin on my face.

To enjoy wheel spinning, mud slinging torque in your Jeep Cherokee, get your own Stroker motor from Titan engines. Tell Chuck you want one like in the RallyJeep.

Click here for Official results

rally jeep cherokee stroker engine

racing jeep stroker motor

racing jeep stroker engine



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