Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Metaphysical mechanic work

Mechanic lessons from a Professional Dreamer

I have been studying Ghalil's Professional dreamer book for the past few weeks. I just realized that the same steps she takes for achieving life's goals are the same I use for mechanic work on my Jeeps.

Step 1. Clear the clutter. You can't work effectively if you have too many distractions.

Step 2. Decide what you are trying to accomplish. Just how do you want the repaired or modified vehicle to perform.

Step 3. Determine what you have to work with. Know what parts you have on hand, what skills you have and what tools you have to accomplish the task.

Step 4. Get a clear picture of how you expect the job to progress. Do the job in your mind and work out the problems before they arise.

Step 5. Start the job. You will never get finished if you never start. Just do it.

Step 6. Just let it happen. Once you start don't worry about the decision to do the job. Just work to get it done. As problems arise, handle them and keep going.

And finally give thanks for another job well done and enjoy your vehicle's new enhanced performance.



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