Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Growler Jeep

There has been some talk in the papers lately about the Jeep Growler or Growler Jeep. The company's web site has been under reconstruction lately so I am not sure exactly what they make. From the articles, looks like they take used Jeep parts and make new vehicles from them. Seems they used to sell a kit for about $7,000 now they are selling vehicles to the marines for $300,000.

Here is an article with pictures:

I am all for recycling used Jeep parts into new vehicles. See Scuffy. Wonder if I could sell Scuffy for $300,000. Well probably if I added guns, rocket launchers, and fancy GPS targeting stuff I could.

If you know any real info about the Growler Jeep, please comment.



Anonymous Jeep said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Marines developed the Growler as a heavy mortar carrier that would fit inside their new V-22 Osprey. I saw one teh other day in Iraq (the Army has a few too) and it looks way smaller than the M151 it's based off of. The cost the USMC a fortune (the $300k figure you see kicked around)because they are purchased along with the heavy mortar and an ammo trailer. It's definately far superior to the JD Gators we've been using in this role.

2:33 PM  

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