Thursday, February 16, 2006

Jeep things in life

I am not sure who first said it because it has been attributed to many different philosophers, but the phrase goes like this:

"Happiness comes not from the achievement of a goal but in the struggle to accomplish it."

At first glance this philosophy makes no sense. But those of us who would rather drive through a door handle deep mud hole or across a pile of boulders than drive on the nice paved road beside these obstacles, we understand. It a Jeep Thing.

Why do we chase after a girl who is aloof when there are plenty of friendly ones nearby. The thrill of the hunt.

Success that comes easily does not bring happiness. Look at all those lottery winners that are broke again in just a few years.

So next time something appears to be difficult or troubling, just look at it as another Jeep Thing. Have fun overcoming your obstacles. Comments?



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