Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Jeep Stroker Motor Start Up

4.7L Stroker Motor

I started my Titan Stroker Motor today. All my careful planning and checking of connectors paid off in it firing up first try.

Well actually it was the second try. I had to steal the battery off the tractor as the Jeep battery seems to have gone bad while sitting. My Granddaddy Straw would have said it was from letting it sit on the concrete floor.

The Stoker motor has as very different sound from the original engine. With several 4.0's around we have become pretty accustomed to the sound a Jeep engine makes. This one sounds much throatier. It has a deeper tone. Almost like a Chevy 350 rumble but with six cylinder smoothness.

I like it.

Can't wait to get it on the road and test it out.



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