Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Running the Trans America Trail

Back road Jeep Adventure

jeep adventure

With no race to run this past weekend, some of us decided to try a different kind of adventure. We got a copy of the Tennessee section of the Trans America trail from Sam Correro and headed out in search of adventure.

This trail is designed with dual sport motorcycles in mind so we were not sure what our band of adventurers would face. We tried to be as prepared as possible. Our group consisted of what could be described as a mastermind group of ralliest. I run out of fingers and toes trying to count the many years of Rally experience gather here. Many TSD trophies can be found in the homes of those gathered there as well as rally race organizing, driving and co driving experience.

The vehicles consisted of a Subaru, A Toyota 4x4 pickup and my Jeep Cherokee. All 4wd. We had our complement of maps prepared by Wilson - our organizer, GPS plots and suggested routing, and the set of Tulip instructions form Sam. We used a combination of them all during the run.

A compete write up of the trip is posted at JeepGirl Travels.



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