Monday, July 03, 2006

Herbie Lives!

Another self driving VW

In this article, VW announced that they have a Golf that can drive itself. And this time it is not like the DARPA challange in the desert, this car can drive itself around a race track. And around cones on an autocross course!

There have been plenty of time on long trips where I would have liked to set the crusise control on my Suburban and just loet it drive on the interstate so if this technology actually goes into production, that would be pretty cool.

I also invision a new from of robot racers competing on an autocross course. No need to strap in just program you car and send it out. It would be kind of like RC racing only you would not have to fiddle with the controller.

They say it works with GPS but I sure hope their GPS recievers are better than the ones I have. My delorme often shows me driving several hundred yards off the road I am on. Also, on roads like HWY 129 the Dragon's Tail, they don't pick up the satelites at all bedise the rock cliffs.



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