Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Driving the Stroker

jeep engines stroker motor
New Jeep engine - Stroker Motor first drive

I now have about ten miles on my new Jeep engine. I drove it around my gravel driveway / test track last night. I was on street tires but it was amazing how I could spin all four tires any time I wanted to with just a tip into the throttle. I am still trying to keep the revs down until the engine is broken in. I will have to grade the driveway this weekend to clean up the ruts I left.

Today, I drove it down the road. Plenty of low end torque. So far no pinging even with very old gasoline in the tank. The 24 lb injectors seem to be just right.

I also took it for a quick run on one of the trails on my farm to see how it crawled. It idled along very smoothly in second gear with the T case in low range. Just the slightest tip in of throttle was required to get up the hills. In fact, being on street tires, I had to be careful not to spin them.

Overall I am impressed. Cure your Jeep Cherokee motor problems by calling Chuck at Titan engines today.



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