Saturday, May 20, 2006

Front receiver hitch for Jeep XJ

Front Receiver Hitch for Jeep XJ
jeep Cherokee accessories

In order to have a handy place to mount a winch or other jeep Cherokee accessories
on the front of my 1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo, I installed a Hidden Hitch front receiver hitch for Jeep XJ.

pictures of hidden hitch on jeep Cherokee accessories

One problem I had with the front receiver hitch was that the tube often filled with mud on off road adventures. I recently made the steel plug you see in the above picture of the Hidden Hitch receiver.

The integrated tow hooks (red in the picture above) get more use than the actual receiver. They are very strong and easy to connect to. Just last week I was helping a friend move his disabled tractor and as I went to attach the strap to the tow hook, he asked "Will that handle it?" I just smiled and told him to hook his end to a strong part of the tractor.

pictures of hidden hitch on jeep Cherokee accessories

The front receiver hitch makes a pretty effective skid plate for the front of the XJ. However it does reduce ground clearance significantly. You can see the scuffs on the bottom of the steel plug as evidence.

For another option for a front receiver hitch for Jeep XJ integrated into a front bumper, see my Cheap Jeep page.



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