Sunday, May 28, 2006

Wheel balancing experiment

Having read about internal balancing methods I decided to try something on my 1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo today. I have had trouble balancing the left front tire and it had several large weights on it so it seemed an ideal candidate for the experiment.

I took off the lead weights from the rim and weighed them on a scale.

I then measured out an equal weight of BB's. I added a few more just to make sure.

I then broke the bead on the back of the tire and poured in the BB's. Aired it back up and gave it a test run. It seemed much smoother than before. There was still some vibration but since I did only the one tire it may have been from one of the others.

I have tried other internal balance methods in the past with mixed success. I have used anti freeze poured inside the tire. This seems to work OK if the tire does not need much weight to balance it. Maybe the anti freeze can't pile up enough to make a heavy spot in the light part of the tire?

Anyway, the BB's seem to work so far. I really need to get it out on the interstate to see how it does at high speed before I add some shot to the other three tires.



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